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Nestled in the heart of the Clarksville Historic District, the West Lynn IBIZ District is a quiet, tree-lined oasis a short distance yet miles apart from bustling downtown Austin. Clarksville, with West Lynn as its Main Street, is the oldest surviving freedom town west of the Mississippi River. Since the early 1900’s, many immigrants called the area home, all leaving an influence on what remains today.

The West Lynn IBIZ District is an intimate, historically designed area, where multiple generations gather for food, family fun, shopping, and daily necessities. Local West Lynn businesses provide everyday services including groceries, dry cleaning, salons, veterinary services, coffee, and Austin’s last bona fide old-time soda fountain tucked in the corner of the neighborhood pharmacy.

A popular destination for foodies, West Lynn is home to some of Austin’s premier restaurants and comfort food locales. It’s a refreshing place to grab a bite, shop, and enjoy the company of family and friends in a central spot. The ambience of the District reflects that of the wider neighborhood: relaxed, classic elegance.

Food & Drink
Caffé Medici | Cipollina | Galaxy Café | Jeffrey’s Restaurant & Bar | Josephine House | Zocalo Café

Austin Bikes | Bonds Television Service | El Interior | Fresh Plus | Nau’s Enfield Drugs | Studio 10 | West Lynn Corner Store

Anthony’s Laundry and Dry Cleaners | Austin Silent Auction Group | Burton Group Financial Advisers | Lamar Homes | Republic Commercial Properties | Restoration Chiropractic | Salon Muse | Sherry Brokus Patton LPC | Sledd’s Nursery | West Lynn Veterinary Clinic